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St. Patty’s Day Event (Goals Guide)

Luck of the Bello - ** You might want to do this part first. When you earn Golden Shamrocks doing the quests and cooking certain dishes, these help you build the rainbow in the next part! ** UPDATE: The Potato Stand is now available! Getting Lucky - Luck of the Bello 1 of 3 Place and Complete the Luck o' the Irish Stove Collect 5 Eggs Serve Smoked Quiche 3 … [Read More...]


Upgrade your Luck o’ the Irish Stove to earn avatar items, salt and Golden Shamrocks to create a beautiful rainbow!

Upgrade your Luck o' the Irish Stove to earn avatar items, salt and Golden Shamrocks to create a beautiful rainbow! … [Read More...]


Chefville St. Patrick’s Day Special (Guide)

Say, St. Patrick’s Day is just a few more days up ahead and the best way to celebrate the festivity is by preparing some great drinks and gastronomical dishes but this time we are going to do so ChefVille style. The game just recently launched themed quests “Luck of the Irish” Stove plus three series additional quests: Luck of the Bello. Yep, not one but three quests in … [Read More...]


Chefville Helps Needs Your Help?

Do you have any information to post? Cooking Guides? Quests? Please post them here!! … [Read More...]


The Chefville County Fair Is Here!

The Chefville County Fair is here! Earn rewards, new Chefville items, New chefville Hot dog stand, mustard, Chefville decorations and More! This is only a Chefville LIMITED time offer so make sure you dont miss out! … [Read More...]

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Beginners Guide


How To Play Chefville

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What Are Chefville Mastery Stars?

Chefville mastery stars are earned on Chefville dishes you cook! The more Chefville stars you have on a certain Chefville dish, the more servings the Chefville dish will produce when served! Chefville mastery stars also help you to complete missions, unlock land expansions, new ingredients, Chefville cooking stations and even new Chefville goals! Chefville mastery stars … [Read More...]


Visiting Chefville Neighbors

Visiting Chefville neighbors is a great way to earn Chefville hearts, earn Chefville energy, get Chefville salt & pepper, pick up Chefville ingredients and even helps out your Chefville neighbors! It's also a great way to check out your neighbors' restaurants and get decorating ideas as well as getting difficult to find Chefville ingredients. The more neighbors you have, … [Read More...]

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Getting Chefville Energy

Want To Know What Chefville Energy Is? Click This Link So your working … [Read More...]


Having An Onion Problem?

Are you tired of chefville neighbors coming in and swiping up all of … [Read More...]


Dismissing Chefville Neighbors

Chefville has recently changed the way you dismiss Chefville … [Read More...]


Ways To Earn Chefville Cash

Chefville offers an "Earn Cash" feature in the game. These are ways … [Read More...]


Checkout This Great Video on Chefville Expansions!

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